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HDBC-mysql 0.6.1
MySQL driver for HDBC
mighttpd 0.1.0
Simple Web Server in Haskell
webserver 0.1.1
HTTP server library
c10k 0.1.0
C10k server
AC-Colour 1.1.3
Efficient RGB colour types.
DocTest 0.0.6
Test interactive Haskell examples
DP 0.1.1
Pragmatic framework for dynamic programming
estimators 0.1.4
Tool for managing probability estimation
yesod 0.0.0
A library for creating RESTful web applications.
bindings-gobject 0.1.1
Low level bindings to GObject.
semiring 0.3
Semirings, ring-like structures used for dynamic programming applications
hake 1.3.4
make tool. ruby : rake = haskell : hake
multisetrewrite 0.6
Multi-set rewrite rules with guards and a parallel execution scheme
bindings-glib 0.1.2
Low level bindings to GLib.
bindings-DSL 1.0.6
FFI domain specific language, on top of hsc2hs.
txt-sushi 0.5.1
The SQL link in your *NIX chain
leksah 0.8
Haskell IDE written in Haskell
leksah-server 0.8
Metadata collection for leksah