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An implementation of concurrency ideas from Communicating Sequential Processes
Haskelloids 0.1.1
A reproduction of the Atari 1979 classic "Asteroids"
Conversion between markup formats
IrrHaskell 0.1
Haskell binding to the Irrlicht game engine.
gt-tools 0.1.3
Console and GUI interface for Google Translate service
network-protocol-xmpp 0.2.1
Client <-> Server communication over XMPP
XMMS 0.1
XMMS2 client library.
Event scheduling system.
chp-plus 1.2.0
A set of high-level concurrency utilities built on Communicating Haskell Processes
Scrap Your Boilerplate utilities for the GHC API.
Data and Typeable instances for the GHC API.
Emulation of subkinds and subkind polymorphism
GPipe 1.2.1
A functional graphics API for programmable GPUs
hemkay-core 0.1.2
A device independent module music mixer
Vec-Transform 1.0.4
Extends the Vec package with some 4x4 transform matrices
Vec-Boolean 1.0.3
Provides Boolean instances for the Vec package
GenSmsPdu 0.1
Automatic SMS message generator
xhtml-combinators 0.2.1
Fast and easy to use XHTML combinators.
fastirc 0.1.2
Fast Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library