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hMollom 0.2
Library to interact with the Mollom anti-spam service
A time library
hashed-storage 0.4.11
Hashed file storage support code.
generators 1.0.2
Actually useful monadic random value generators.
statistics-linreg 0.1
Linear regression between two samples, based on the 'statistics' package
cgi-utils 0.1
Simple modular utilities for CGI/FastCGI (sessions, etc.)
haskell-src-exts 1.9.0
Manipulating Haskell source: abstract syntax, lexer, parser, and pretty-printer
Lastik 0.6.3
A library for compiling programs in a variety of languages
mighttpd 0.4.0
Simple Web Server in Haskell
webserver 0.4.0
HTTP server library
c10k 0.4.0
C10k server library using prefork
ghc-mod 0.3.0
Happy Haskell programming on Emacs
meldable-heap 1.1
Asymptotically optimal, Coq-verified meldable heaps, AKA priority queues
A binding for the OpenCV computer vision library
Functional Combinators for Computer Vision