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AttoJson 0.5.8
Simple lightweight JSON parser, generator & manipulator based on ByteString
ecu 0.0.1
Tools for automotive ECU development.
spawn 0.2
Tiny library for joinable computations / threads with results.
redis-simple 0.1.1
Simple redis bindings for Haskell
sequor 0.1
A sequence labeler based on Collins's sequence perceptron.
FTPLine 1.1.0
A command-line FTP client.
Audio signal processing coded in Haskell: Low level part
storablevector 0.2.7
Fast, packed, strict storable arrays with a list interface like ByteString
clogparse 0.1
Parse IRC logs such as the #haskell logs on tunes.org
http-enumerator 0.1.0
HTTP client package with enumerator interface and HTTPS support.
kit 0.4.3
A dependency manager for XCode (Objective-C) projects
SVGPath 1.0
Parsing the path command from SVG
snap-server 0.2.12
A fast, iteratee-based, epoll-enabled web server for the Snap Framework
Dynamic linking for Haskell and C objects
snap-core 0.2.12
Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (Core)
Automatic testing of Haskell programs
happstack-facebook 0.24
A package for building Facebook applications using Happstack