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Recent Package Updates mHvNV.png Rss16.png
language-javascript 0.4.6
Parser for JavaScript
Simple C0 Parser
HStringTemplate 0.6.8
StringTemplate implementation in Haskell.
c0check 0.1
Simple C0 Syntax Check
HUnit-Diff 0.1
Assertions for HUnit with difference reporting
aeson-pretty 0.6
JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool.
newtype-th 0.3.1
A template haskell deriver to create Control.Newtype instances.
theta-functions 1.0.0
Theta-functions implemented as trigonometric series
gtk-toy 0.2.0
Convenient Gtk canvas with mouse and keyboard input.
highlighting-kate 0.4
Syntax highlighting
hepevt 0.3.1
HEPEVT parser and writer
Couch DB client library using http-conduit and aeson
ircbot 0.2.1
A library for writing irc bots
Fast JSON parsing and encoding
Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis