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The Other Prelude

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1 Call for Contribution

This fun project, called "The Other Prelude", and is a creative reconstruction of the standard Prelude. By disregarding history and compatibility, we get a clean sheet.

2 Naming Conventions

The principal is to make the names very readable for both beginners and category theorists (if any).

3 The Hierarchy

  • TheOtherPrelude
    - Minimalistic module.
  • TheOtherPrelude.Extension
    - Convenient definitions.

4 The Code

Currently, the code is in Wiki form. If people do agree that the collaborative decisions begot something pretty, we'll have a group of files in some time.

The imaginery Prelude as it stands,


How to use it, as it stands,

import Prelude ()                            -- hide everything
import TheOtherPrelude                       -- get everything
import qualified TheOtherPrelude.Monad as M  -- standard convention

5 See Also