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<pre> ghc -O2 -rtsopts -eventlog -threaded hellofib</pre></li>
<pre> ghc -O2 -rtsopts -eventlog -threaded hellofib</pre></li>
<li><p>Run hellofib</p>
<li><p>Run hellofib</p>
<pre> ./hellofib +RTS -N2</pre></li>
<pre> ./hellofib +RTS -N2 -l</pre></li>
<li><p>View its trace</p>
<li><p>View its trace</p>
<pre>threadscope hellofib.eventlog # on Windows, hellofib.exe.eventlog</pre></li></ol>
<pre>threadscope hellofib.eventlog # on Windows, may be hellofib.exe.eventlog</pre></li></ol>
Follow the [[ThreadScope#Installing_ThreadScope|installation instructions]] on the ThreadScope homepage

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[edit] 1 Objective

Run ThreadScope on a sample program and get a trace.

ThreadScope hellofib

[edit] 2 Steps

  1. Copy the following parallel code to hellofib.hs

     import Control.Parallel.Strategies
     import System.Environment
     fib 0 = 1
     fib 1 = 1
     fib n = runEval $ do
       x <- rpar (fib (n-1))
       y <- rseq (fib (n-2))
       return (x + y + 1)
     main = do
       args <- getArgs
       n <- case args of
             []    -> return 20 
             [x]   -> return (read x)
             _     -> fail ("Usage: hellofib [n]")
       print (fib n)
  2. Build hellofib.hs

     ghc -O2 -rtsopts -eventlog -threaded hellofib
  3. Run hellofib

     ./hellofib +RTS -N2 -l
  4. View its trace

    threadscope hellofib.eventlog # on Windows, may be hellofib.exe.eventlog