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User:Benmachine/hasktag bug

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Should more properly be called "hasktag bugs" now, but whatever.

1 Paragraphs

Use of the tag seems to merge consecutive paragraphs:

Here is a paragraph with
in it. Here is another, distinct paragraph, with more
in it.

Here is a paragraph with no code.

2 Opening comments without closing them

When you open a comment inside <hask> tags without closing it, the parser breaks. Observe:

Oh no:
I broke it!

Here's some nicely-formatted code:

id :: a -> a
id x = const x x
const :: a -> b -> a
const x _ = id x

which is now ruined. Interestingly this text is fine.

Perhaps it's only paragraphs with
code that are broken. Closing comments on their own inside comments seem to have no effect:
this is not fixed

3 The problem

doesn't even stop at section boundaries:

error :: String -> a
error str = error (error str)