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I'm into functional programming, especially as related to language design, computer graphics, interaction, and (more recently) right-brain-friendly, end-user "programming". See my home page and functional programming blog.

Some current projects:

  • Eros: Tangible functional programming
  • Reactive: simple foundation for Functional Reactive Programming, built on "functional futures".
  • DataDriven: Data-driven implementation of "events" & "sources" (called "behaviors" in FRP). Elegantly structured using applicative functors and monoids. I'd like to see it used for a wide range of dependency tracking and update, to automate source recompilation, code re-execution, package rebuilding, installation.
  • TypeCompose: some classes & instances for forms of type composition, plus a very simple implementation of data-driven computation.
  • Phooey: a simple, arrow-based functional GUI library
  • DeepArrow: a framework for composable "editors" of pure values
  • TV: combined and separable packaging of functionality and interface
  • GuiTV: GUIs for TV
  • Cabal-make: a Cabal assistant
  • Pajama: interactive functional images for the web

I'm also interested in thinking, speaking, and listening in ways that promote deep understanding and joyful mutual giving. My partner Holly and I teach Nonviolent Communication (also called "NVC", "Compassionate Communication", or "a language of the heart"), and we coach individuals and couples in its practice. Our partnership is called Awakening Compassion.

In April 2007, I moved from the Seattle area back to Northern California, in the Mother Lode area of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

I'm interested in collaboration.