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ANN filestore 0.1

We are pleased to announce the first release of a new library, filestore.

What is it? filestore is a small library which is intended to provide
a uniform, abstract, generic interface to storing versioned files.
That is, it works with particular backends to store strings to disk
and performing various queries, such as 'what files are in this
repository?' or 'what were the contents of this file at revision
XXXXXXX?' or 'give me a diff of this file between revision XXXXXXX and
revision YYYYYYY.'

What backends are supported? Darcs and Git are fully supported; there
is preliminary support for SQLite.

What is this good for? Currently it is used by 2 wikis, Gitit and
Orchid. We hope it will see use in other applications as well that
need to version data and would like the various advantages of DVCSs
(such as easy collaboration, advanced merging, etc.).

filestore was written by John MacFarlane, Gwern Branwen, and Sebastiaan Visser

ANN gitit

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Gitit, the
multitalented distributed wiki written in Haskell.

What's new in this release?
* 'Gitit' is now something of a misnomer, as Gitit now makes use of
the filestore library. The upshot is that Gitit can now work in Darcs
repositories; if before you thought Gitit was cool but didn't like
git, you now have no excuse!
* Gitit has been optimized:
** Pages are now gzipped whenever possible
** Page elements like the CSS, images, and JavaScript are now cached
by the browser (through expire headers)
** Those previously mentioned elements have been optimized for space,
and rearranged in the generated pages for faster rendering.
* Gitit now sports a 'Go' box. You can now either search through
Search, or go to a specific page title via Go.
* Search is smarter, and can also return page titles.
* Revisions are better formatted: the author field now include the
user's email as well.
* Gitit now saves non-conflicting merges automatically.
* Diffs are of much higher quality, thanks to filestore.
* UTF8-related fixes.

As ever, you can can check a running example out at

Or try it locally:

  cabal update
  cabal install pandoc -fhighlighting
  cabal install gitit
  gitit  # note: this will create two subdirectories in the working directory
  # then browse to http://localhost:5001.

The git repository for Gitit at

ANN orchid 0.0.7, orchid-demo 0.0.5

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Orchid wiki. This
release adds filestore integration, and thus Git support. What's new?
 * Attached wiki to FileStore package which means we now have a Git backend for free.
 * Orchid-demo now has a flag which allows user to choose Git or Darcs.
 * Searching document is now possible.
 * Deleting and renaming documents is now possible.
 * Better keyboard support in user interface.
 * Fixed the in-page HTML anchors.
 * Password are now saved in md5, not plain text.
 * Use extensible exceptions to be more compatible with older GHC.
 * Fixed bugs in directory listings.
 * Users now also have a email.

As ever, you can check out a working demo of Orchid at

You can get a copy of the sources:
  svn co

Or as always, visit Hackage or use cabal-install