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I am doing a PhD in computer science at York University, UK. My academic website is, my personal website is

I hereby license all my contributions to this wiki, and the old hawiki, under the simple permissive license on HaskellWiki:Copyrights.

Haskell Projects

The ones that people might know include:

  • I am the author of Hoogle
  • I am in the process of rewriting the Windows front end to Hugs, WinHugs
  • I help out with Yhc
  • I am interested in documentation Keywords

Contacting Me

I am sometimes on the Haskell IRC channel as ndm. I can also be reached by email:

email = "ndmitchell" ++ [chr 64] ++ reverse "liamg" ++ [chr 46] ++ "com"

Todo Notes for Gtk2Hs

  • How do you get colours like "red" and "green" - I'm currently using maxBound
  • How to set a popup menu to exactly where you want it with x/y coordinates
  • The size of a monospace character