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A range of Haskell User Groups are springing up all over.

London Haskell User Group
The first meeting of the London Haskell User Group will take place on 23rd May 2007, at City University in central London
New York Functional Programmers Network
The first official meeting will be held on Thursday May 3rd at the offices of Credit Suisse in Manhattan, from 6pm to ~8pm.
The Bay Area Functional Programmers group
Initial meeting on Thursday, September 13th, 2007 at 7:30pm somewhere in San Francisco.
Sydney Area Programming Languages Interest Group
10am-4pm, June 12, 2007. Room T5, Building E7B, Macquarie University
Utrecht Functioneel Programmeren dag 2008
11 januari 2008
Hac 07 was held January 10-12, 2007, Oxford University Computing Laboratory