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Collected videos of Haskell tutorials and conference presentations, sorted by topic.

Introductions to FP and Haskell

A Taste of Haskell
Part 1
Part 2
Simon Peyton-Jones, OSCON, July 2007.
Programming language nirvana
Simon Peyton-Jones, Eric Meijer, MSR, July 2007.
Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages
Phil Wadler, April 2007.

Advanced topics

Parametric Polymorphism and the Girard-Reynolds Isomorphism
Phil Gossett, April 2007.

Concurrency and parallelism

Transactional Memory for Concurrent Programming
Simon Peyton-Jones, OSCON, July 2007.
Programming in the Age of Concurrency: Software Transactional Memory
Simon Peyton-Jones and Tim Harris, September 2006.
Nested Data Parallelism in Haskell
Simon Peyton-Jones, London-HUG, May 2007.

The ICFP contest

2006 ICFP contest results
ICFP, 2006

Livecoding Haskell

Haskell music
Yaxu, 2006.
Hacking Haskell music
More of Yaxu live coding music and Haskell, 2006.

GHC Hackathon presentations

GHC commentary
Simon Peyton Jones and Simon Marlow, 2006.

Haskell applications

GADTs for darcs
David Roundy, FOSDEM, 2006