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Wanted libraries

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(This is currently only a skeleton page. The idea is to provide an overview of different options to guide users looking for specific functionality. Please elaborate on any topic below, or add new ones. We can also create separate pages if some of the topics become to verbose. --KetilMalde 14:11, 21 August 2006 (UTC))


1 String IO

1.1 Data.ByteString

Uses arrays of bytes to represent strings, provides a rich set of operations, and is generally very fast and compact. The Lazy modules support files larger than memory. Provides a Char interface, currently offering only the direct mapping from byte value to codepoint.

1.2 Streams

  • Author: Bulat
  • ...

2 Binary IO

2.1 NewBinary

3 Database access

3.1 HDBC

3.2 HaskellDB

3.3 Takusen


4.1 Gtk2Hs

4.2 wxHaskell