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Wanted libraries

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This page provides a list of missing and found libraries for solving common real world programmer tasks.

If you think there should be a library for some common task, add it to this page, and someone may well step up and write it. If you know of a library to solve an open problem domain, link to it.


1 Missing libraries (by problem domain)

Add any common problem areas for which libraries are missing.

2 Could be improved

Problems with existing solutions, that could be improved.

  • Binary support
  • Simple process forking/popen

3 Existing libraries (by problem domain)

4 GUIs

See GUI libraries

5 High performance string IO

See String libraries

6 Binary IO

See Binary IO

7 Compression

See Compressing data

8 Encryption

See Crypto libraries

8.1 Web frameworks

See Web frameworks

8.2 XML processing

See XML handling

9 Database access

See Databases

Add more problem domains that you feel we need libraries for!