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Systems made for content management. Items on this page may intersect with the frameworks page if necessary. Mostly things like wikis, blogs, etc.

As of now, many of the below are defunct or just really old. The the more recent, working libraries are therefore at the top.


1 hakyll

A simple static site generator library, mainly aimed at creating blogs and brochure sites.

License: BSD3

Author: Jasper Van der Jeugt


Home page:

Packages & repositories

2 Flippi

Flippi is a Wiki clone written in Haskell.

License: BSD3

Author: Philippa Cowderoy

Maintainer: Philippa Cowderoy <>

Home page:

Package and repositories

3 Pandocwiki

Pandocwiki is a simple wiki program in Haskell using HAppS and pandoc. Content is entered in markdown. Page history is stored as a series of diffs.

Not yet supported: users, page locking, file uploads, etc. So far this is just a demonstration.

Home page:

4 latexki

Aims and Goals

  • Not a general purpose wiki, but a collaboration tool to create LaTeX documents
  • Focus on LaTeX document creation, the "regular" wiki pages are just supporting this
  • Subversion access for advanced users
  • Editing via CGI should be safe (e.g. conflicts are either solved by subversion or displayed to the user)
  • Should replace the old software fully

Author: Joachim Breitner

Home page:

5 hope

As of 2010, I am unable to even find the source code or repository or package files for this library on Bjorn Bringert's site. Here is the text from another entry in the Wiki:

Not maintained since 2007; does not compile on Windows, since it depends on package unix