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A pastebin site for Haskell, written with FastCGI and nginx.

License: GPL

Author: Chris Done

Maintainer: chrisdone@gmail.com

Home page: http://hpaste.org/

Package & repositories

  • Github: github.com/chrisdone/amelie


A pastebin site for Haskell running on top of HAppS.

License: BSD3

Author: Eric Mertens

Maintainer: emertens@gmail.com

Package & repositories


Replaces registration, confirmation mails, and multiple passwords with a single login. at your email domain. Runs on HAppS.

Home page: http://pass.net/

Parallel web

Suggests that you travel through a parallel web with translated content. It's based on Simon Marlow's Haskell Web Server.

Home page: http://www.parallelnetz.de/

For Haskellers: Test the Monad Transformer in a parallel Haskell wiki.

For Germans: Search in Saxon dialect or check out the Ehmulator.

Package & repositories