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Happstack Snap Yesod
Licence BSD3 BSD3 BSD3
Current Version 6.0 0.4.1 0.7
Last Release Date 2/18/2011 2/26/2011 3/7/2011
Example source
Database Access Persistent- a non-relational "ORM"
Memory DB Yes (via happstack-state / MACID) sqlite in memory
Mysql Yes in development
Postgresql Yes Yes
sqlite3 Yes
mongoDB Yes, but Persistent interface in development
CouchDB No
Cassandra No
Templating Support for heist, hamlet, hsp, HStringTemplate, and blaze-html. Heist Hamlet
HTTP Server Integrated Integrated Warp or any WAI-compliant server
Rest Support Yes
Routing REST-style combinators (built-in) or type-safe urls via web-routes Yes
Comet No
Web Sockets No No