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Below are URL/web routing libraries or controllers for web applications.


Url dispatcher. Helps to retain friendly URLs in web applications. The aim of urldisp is to provide a simple, declarative and expressive URL routing in web applications.

License: BSD3

Copyright: Artyom Shalkhakov, Sterling Clover

Author: Artyom Shalkhakov, Sterling Clover

Maintainer: Artyom Shalkhakov <artyom.shalkhakov@gmail.com>

Home page: http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/UrlDisp

Package & repositories


Library for maintaining correctness and composability of URLs within an application. A collection of types and functions that ensure that URLs generated by an application are valid. There are a number of related packages available on Hackage.

License: BSD3

Author: jeremy@seereason.com

Maintainer: partners@seereason.com

Package & repositories


Allows declaration of type-safe URLs through a simple quasi-quoted syntax. The quasi-quoter automatically creates datatypes, parse functions, render functions and dispatch functions, ensuring your code is correct without writing a lot of boilerplate. Also includes some advanced support for creating subsites, aka pluggable web components.

License: BSD3

Author: Michael Snoyman <michael@snoyman.com>

Maintainer: Michael Snoyman <michael@snoyman.com>

Home page: http://docs.yesodweb.com/web-routes-quasi/

Package & repositories