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This is a list of bugs and features, and peoples thoughts on them. Please just add things, if it's an opinion on a feature or something, please sign your name. Especially if a feature is important to you, say how important it is and why you think its a good idea.


1 Polish

These aren't really bugs, they just need looking at before a final release. Mainly just polishing rough edges and checking for consistency.

  • Unicode
  • update the documentation
  • keyboard accelerators, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V etc.
  • correctly align and space the options dialog
  • add more text editor support (as people ask!)

2 Bugs

These are things which are accepted as being wrong

2.1 Excessive Clearing

Excessive clearing of previous part of the screen, once it starts to wrap round

2.2 Occasional Screen Glitches

I don't know why these happen, the screen code is rather complicated...

2.3 Terminal interaction

Inline system calls, i.e. "system dir" returns the results to the terminal, not the WinHugs window.

2.4 Textpad vs DDE

Open textpad with new command: C:\Program Files\TextPad 4\TextPad.exe -s %s(%d) (fixes DDE problems on certain systems, opens multiple instances on others...)

2.5  :edit

(colon)edit starts editing a weird file. Should create a new file in my documents and open that.

2.6 Automated package build

Required, so I can release things more easily and never get it wrong

2.7 FFI doesn't work

Nothing to do with FFI works, since I don't have a clue how FFI works myself.

3 Enhancements

3.1 cpphs support

Allow it to compile files with preprocessor directives, by automatically running cpphs on them first.

3.2 Less verbose file listing

Should be an option to list all files not in the Hugs directory loaded

3.3 Command History

also i want to suggest saving history of commands in the registry (or disk file) - this proved to be very useful in other shells. and about window with list of all commands - my shell (FAR manager) saves all the commands i use (now this list contains ~5000 ones!) and when i open this list and start to type some word, it just filers whole list and show only commands which contains this sequence of letters. that is damn useful. just for example i open this window and typed "hugs" - FAR filters out 146 commands which includes this word:

3.4 Error Highlighting

When an error occurs, see if you can "hilight" the bad bit on the screen.

3.5 Bracket Matching

See if you can automatically match brackets when typing at the prompt

3.6 Automatic type display

When you type a lexeme, see if you can automatically put its type in the status bar.