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Your space ship enters an asteroid belt, try to avoid collisions!


wxAsteroids is a game demonstrating the wxHaskell GUI.

To run the game, you will need wxHaskell

If wxHaskell is installed, and you have cabal-install on your system, give the following command to install wxAsteroids:

 cabal install wxAsteroids

Another option is, to download the wxAsteroids tarball from Hackage and unpack it; go to the directory with the game code and enter the commands:

 runhaskell Setup configure
 runhaskell Setup build
 runhaskell Setup install

You will get a message about the directory in which the executable is installed; this directory must be in the search path.

Give the following command to start the game:


Use the left and right cursor keys to move the ship sideways. Ctrl-n creates a new window with a new Asteroids game. Ctrl-p pauses/resumes the game. To increase the speed of the space ship, press '+'; to slow down, press '-'.

For a detailed description of wxHaskell and the program, see wxHaskell - A Portable and Concise GUI Library for Haskell

There is also an FRP version of the main program, it uses the package reactive-banana

Furthermore, wxAsteroids has also been ported to the web browser using the Utrecht Haskell Compiler (UHC) JavaScript backend.

Further information: wxHaskell