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WxHaskell/Development/Release procedure

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     Daan Leijen <d&#8203;aan&#xff20;>
     Daan Leijen <d&#8203;aan&#xff20;>

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The wxHaskell release procedure

  • Update the file
  • Update revisions in the .cabal files of wxdirect, wxc, wxcore and wx
  • Check if the packages and samples compile and the samples run
  • Commit the changes to the local Git repository
  • Add a tag in the format
to the local Git repository
  • Push to GitHub
  • Create distribution files with
    cabal sdist
for each package
  • Upload the distribution files to Hackage
  • Download the candidate packages and compile them
  • Release the candidate packages
  • Send an announcement to
   Haskell Café <>, <>,
   wxHaskell user mailing list <>,
   wxHaskell developer mailing list <>,
   Daan Leijen <d​>