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2 August 2013
A github organisation 'wxHaskell' has been created, the maintenance repo (https://github.com/atzedijkstra/wxHaskell) has moved to https://github.com/wxHaskell/wxHaskell. It is the intent to soon release a maintenance update working with wxWidgets 2.9.5 and GHC 7.6.x
26 January 2013
Maintenance is now done on the repository at: https://github.com/atzedijkstra/wxHaskell
10 June 2012
Repository now on GitHub: https://github.com/jodonoghue/wxHaskell
13 April 2012
wxHaskell 0.90 is released. This version supports wxWidgets >= 2.9.x, and includes many new features.
5 January 2012
wxHaskell 0.13.2 is released. Mainly bugfixes. This is the last version to support wxWidgets 2.8.x.
13 October 2009 
wxHaskell is released. Since the previous new we have added support for XRC files (XML GUI design) and installation by Cabal
4 January 2009 
wxHaskell 0.11.0 is released. See the announcement (indicates rev. 0.11.1, SourceForge has rev. 0.11.0)
8 August 2008 
Switched official darcs repository to code.haskell.org (darcs get --partial http://code.haskell.org/wxhaskell). You can use previous darcs.haskell.org's Darcs repository, too.
5 August 2008 
Homepage (except for screenshots) now moved to Haskell wiki
23 March 2008 
wxHaskell 0.10.3 is released.
20 January 2007 
wxHaskell has a new set of maintainers, led by Jeremy O'Donoghue. We are working on a release for version 0.10, with Unicode support, a Cabalized build process and more. All recent development is taking place under a new Darcs repository (darcs get http://darcs.haskell.org/wxhaskell/).