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Installing on Windows

Follow SkyTreeBird's guide. It which walks you through the basic steps

  • wx-config
  • wxPack
  • setting up environment variables
  • cabal install wx

Note that the best way to refer to WxWidgets in your PATH is probably to use the WXWIN variable that you set, eg. %WXWIN%/lib/gcc_dll

The guide has been tested with the following configurations:

Windows Haskell Platform
XP 2010.2.0.0
7 2011.2.0.1

Building your own wxWidgets (optional)

Note: Microsoft compilers are no longer supported. The cabal build system cannot understand the output of wx-config for Microsoft compilers.

Note: The Haskell Platform 2010.1.0.0 installer shipped without C++ support. If you want to build wxHaskell on Windows using this Haskell Platform, please see [1]

Using the MSYS shell, and making sure that you have the C++ compiler option installed for MinGW as it is 'not' the default:

> cd /c/path/to/wxWidgets-2.8.10/build/msw
> mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc BUILD=release MONOLITHIC=1 SHARED=1 UNICODE=1

This will take quite some time and generate lots of text in the MSYS shell. Assuming it is successful, a DLL is generated in /c/path/to/wxWidgets/gcc_dll, which you will need to copy to a location where it can be found when running your executables.

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