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Xmonad/Installing xmonad

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[edit] 1 Read me first

After installing, you'll have an xmonad binary on your system. From there, you'll need to wire xmonad up to your login manager.

[edit] 2 Linux

[edit] 2.1 Arch

 $ pacman -S xmonad-contrib # for the xmonad core and contrib packages

or else:

 $ pacman -S xmonad         # for just the xmonad core package

See xmonad on ArchWiki for more info.

[edit] 2.2 Debian

To install:

 $ apt-get install xmonad                     # for just the xmonad binary, without the ability to configure

In addition to that, if you want to write a configuration file, you should get one of these:

 $ apt-get install libghc6-xmonad-contrib-dev # for all of xmonad core and xmonad-contrib (depends on the following pkg)
 $ apt-get install libghc6-xmonad-dev         # for just xmonad core

There are also -doc and -prof suffixes for various packages. I'm not sure what they contain.

Note: The are backports available for debian etch at

[edit] 2.3 Fedora

To install:

 $ yum install xmonad

Additionally install ghc-xmonad-devel and ghc-xmonad-contrib-devel

 $ yum install ghc-xmonad-contrib-devel

xmonad is also available in EPEL for rhel6.

[edit] 2.4 Gentoo

 $ emerge xmonad-contrib 
 # the contrib package depends on xmonad so it gets also installed
 if you only want to install xmonad without contrib you could use:
 $ emerge xmonad
 An actively maintained haskell overlay contains many
 newer or more obscure versions of projects, including ebuilds for
 darcs xmonad/contrib, cabal-install, haskellmode for vim, and many
 other goodies.

[edit] 2.5 Gobo

[edit] 2.6 NixOS

To install:

  #nix-env --install xmonad

the correct version for your arch should be then installed and you will have to take the configuration from there, currently (2011-08-18) this does not result in a working xmonad.

[edit] 2.7 Slackware

[edit] 2.8 Source Mage

[edit] 2.9 Ubuntu

See #Debian.

Note: On Hardy Heron and earlier, the libghc6-x11-dev package was compiled without Xinerama support. This means that if you want multi-monitor support, you have three options:

  • upgrade to >= Intrepid Ibex
  • install xmonad (and the Haskell X11 library on which it depends) through one of the #Generic options
  • follow the instructions in this blog post to recompile the libghc6-x11-dev yourself (unverified)

[edit] 3 BSD

[edit] 3.1 FreeBSD

For only the window manager:

 # cd /usr/ports/x11-wm/hs-xmonad
 # sudo make install distclean

And the contrib package:

 # cd /usr/ports/x11-wm/hs-xmonad-contrib
 # sudo make install distclean

[edit] 3.2 NetBSD

[edit] 3.3 OpenBSD

xmonad is in the ports tree. To install it,

 sudo pkg_add xmonad

[edit] 4 Mac OS X

Install ghc using MacPorts:

 $ port install ghc

And then follow one of the #Generic instructions.

Alternatively install a ghc wrapper and xmonad with Nix.

 $ nix-env -i <package>

See more at Xmonad/Using xmonad on Apple OSX.

[edit] 5 Generic

[edit] 5.1 From tarball

[edit] 5.2 From Hackage

xmonad can be installed from source on any system with an up-to-date Haskell toolchain:

 $ cabal install xmonad