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====Layout Modifiers and Utilities====
====Layout Modifiers and Utilities====
[ Mark windows boring to remove from focus/swap bindings],
*[ BoringWindows] Mark windows boring to remove from focus/swap bindings
[ Manually set gaps not handled by ManageDocks avoidStruts],
*[ Gaps] Manually set gaps not handled by ManageDocks avoidStruts
[ Modifier development utility],
*[ Modifier (development utility)]
[ LayoutScreens Configure screen splits independent of xinerama with bindings],
*[ LayoutScreens] Configure screen splits independent of xinerama with bindings
[ MagicFocus swap focused into master pane],
*[ MagicFocus] swap focused into master pane
[ Magnifier configurable zoom],
*[ Magnifier] configurable zoom
[ Master add pane to any layout],
*[ Master] add pane to any layout
[ Maximize is not full screen (use Magnifier or Full instead)],
*[ Maximize] Maximize is not full screen (use Magnifier or Full instead)
[ MultiToggle toggle other modifiers],
*[ MultiToggle] toggle other modifiers
[ MultiToggle commonly toggled modifiers],
*[ commonly toggled modifiers for MultiToggle]
[ Named Change layout name for show or logHook],
*[ Named] Change layout name for show or logHook
[ NoBorders smart hiding of borders],
*[ NoBorders] smart hiding of borders
[ PerWorkspace different layouts per workspace],
*[ PerWorkspace] different layouts per workspace
[ Reflect across X or Y axis],
*[ Reflect] across X or Y axis
[ ShowWName flash workspace tag when entering it],
*[ ShowWName] flash workspace tag/name/Id when entering it
[ ToggleLayouts single version of MultiToggle],
*[ ToggleLayouts] single version of MultiToggle
[ WindowNavigation navigate directionally],
*[ WindowNavigation] navigate directionally
Actions.WindowNavigation (darcs) navigate directionally even across screens, no coloured borders,
*Actions.WindowNavigation (darcs) navigate directionally even across screens no coloured borders
[ WorkspaceDir set working directory per workspace]
*[ WorkspaceDir] set working directory per workspace

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xmonad screenshot gallery; images contributed by users. See the Xmonad/Config archive for the configuration files that produced some of these screenshots.


1 Misc screenshots

1.1 Environments

Config.Desktop, Config.Gnome, Config.Kde, Config.Xfce

1.2 Etc

1.3 Transparency

1.4 Status bars and monitors

2 Layouts

2.1 Tiled layouts

Accordion, Dishes, Grid, MosaicAlt, ResizableTile, Spiral, StackTile, ThreeColumns, ThreeColumsMiddle (darcs)

2.2 Hinted tile layouts

layoutHints (modifier), HintedGrid, HintedTall and HintedWide

(*Silly bright purple background and font sizes set to emphasize differences in layouts.)

2.3 Layouts to hide some of the workspace's windows

DragPane, TwoPane, Mosaic (darcs)

2.4 Layouts that leave the background visible

Circle, Cross (darcs), Rolodex, SimpleFloat, WindowArranger (can be resized to show background)

2.5 Combo layouts

Combo, LayoutCombinators, Square, TabbedModifier (darcs)

(See also Master and LayoutScreens modifiers)

2.6 IM layouts

IM (modifier)

see also #Tiled layouts and #Layout Modifiers and Utilities

2.7 Decorated Layouts

Decoration, Decoration examples, DwmStyle, ResizeScreen (Utility helper for decorations), SimpleDecoration, Simplest, Simplest, TabBarDecoration, Tabbed

(see also Prompt.Theme and Util.Themes)

2.8 Old Layouts

2.9 Layout Modifiers and Utilities