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Image:xmonad_on_tv.jpg|xmonad on TV (used as web and video station)
Image:xmonad_on_tv.jpg|xmonad on TV (used as web and video station)
Image:Quad-monitor.jpg|Quad monitor setup with Xinerama/Nvidia
Image:Xmonad-screen-modprobe.jpg|Tall, xinerama, and dzen
Image:Xmonad-screen-modprobe.jpg|Tall, xinerama, and dzen
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'''Off-wiki xmonad layout galleries'''
'''Off-wiki xmonad layout galleries'''
*[ webframp's xmonad layout gallery]
*[ webframp's xmonad layout gallery] (archived; original page [ here])
====Tiled layouts====
====Tiled layouts====

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xmonad screenshot gallery; images contributed by users.

See the Xmonad/Config archive for the configuration files that produced some of these screenshots.


[edit] 1 Misc screenshots

[edit] 1.1 Desktop Environments

Config.Desktop, Config.Gnome, Config.Kde, Config.Xfce

[edit] 1.2 Potpourri

[edit] 1.3 Transparency

[edit] 1.4 Status bars and monitors

(See also the xmonad config archive for more status bar examples and associated files.)

[edit] 2 Layouts

Off-wiki xmonad layout galleries

[edit] 2.1 Tiled layouts


(Defaults) Full Tall and Mirror Tall, Accordion, Dishes, Grid, MosaicAlt, ResizableTile, Spiral, StackTile, ThreeColumns

> xmonad-contrib-0.8.1 (darcs):

CenteredMaster, FixedColumn, GridVariants, Mosaic

Off-wiki tiled layout shots

[edit] 2.2 Hinted tile layouts

layoutHints (modifier), HintedGrid, HintedTall and HintedWide

(*Silly bright purple background and font sizes set to emphasize differences in layouts.)

[edit] 2.3 Layouts that hide some of the workspace's windows

DragPane, TwoPane, any layout with LimitWindows layout modifier (darcs)

[edit] 2.4 Layouts that leave the background visible

Circle, Cross (darcs), Rolodex, SimpleFloat, WindowArranger (can be resized to show background)

Off-wiki visible background layout screenshots

[edit] 2.5 Combo layouts

Combo, LayoutCombinators, Square, ComboP, SubLayouts, LayoutBuilder (darcs)

(See also Master and LayoutScreens modifiers)

[edit] 2.6 IM layouts

IM (modifier), ComboP (darcs)

(See also #Tiled layouts and #Layout Modifiers and Utilities)

[edit] 2.7 Decorated Layouts

Hey decoration users! Surely you exist! Please add your beautiful screenshots here, or have someone else do it for you from #xmonad.

Decoration, Decoration examples, DwmStyle, ResizeScreen (Utility helper for decorations), SimpleDecoration, Simplest, Simplest, TabBarDecoration, Tabbed

(See also Prompt.Theme and Util.Themes)

Off-wiki decorated layout screenshots

[edit] 2.8 Old Layouts

[edit] 2.9 Layout Modifiers and Utilities