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These instructions demonstrate a minimal Xmonad configuration on a fresh Lubuntu installation. We will preserve the LxPanel and use the WIN key.

Xmonad 0.11.1, Lubuntu 15.10

Install Xmonad 0.11

As root (or via sudo), install xmonad:

 # apt-get install xmonad

Configure user settings

As a normal user, create an .xmonad directory, xmonad.hs configuration file, and session (start-up) applications.

 $ mkdir ~/.xmonad

 $ cat > ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs
 import XMonad
 import XMonad.Config.Desktop
 main = xmonad $ desktopConfig
      { modMask = mod4Mask
      , terminal = "lxterminal"

 $ echo "exec lxpanel &" > ~/.xmonad/xmonad-session-rc

Test your configuration

If you modify the xmonad.hs file often, you'll need to recompile ($ xmonad --recompile). However, if you've copied correctly and are satisfied, you may logout now, select XMonad (from the top right corner), enter your password, and login.

If this is your first time running xmonad, WIN-SHIFT-RETURN will give you a terminal window. You'll need many more keyboard short cuts to get going, however.