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#* [[/Path Handling|Path Handling]] - how file paths should be used
#* [[/Path Handling|Path Handling]] - how file paths should be used
#* [[/Yhe|Yhe]] - the evaluator (like GHCi)
#* [[/Yhe|Yhe]] - the evaluator (like GHCi)
== Notes ==
These are work in progress notes etc, about things we would like to do, or are going to do soon.
== Yhc Pages ==
These are all the pages within the Yhc domain
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Part of Yhc


Yhc Logo - York Haskell Compiler

This project is by no means finished, and is not useable as a standard Haskell compiler yet.
This project is run by 3 York [ex-]students, and is not an official York Uni project.

See the official home page at (Most of that page will be moved to the wiki over time). The old haskell wiki pages have been moved over.

Yhc Manual

This is the official Yhc manual, feel free to edit it!

  1. Introduction - how to get it, who to contact
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • Using Yhc - short tutorial on yhc, yhi, yhe
  2. Options - command line options and environment variables
  3. Building - building yhc from source
  4. Hacking - how to hack on Yhc
    • Porting - how to port Yhc to a new architecture/platform
  5. Runtime System - information on the runtime system
  6. API's - API (programmer libraries) we intend to provide
  7. Ideas - these are all for the future