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Part of Yhc


[edit] 1 Yhc - Yhi Api

Some people want an Api for Yhi. It's needed for a good version of Yhe.

In particular its needed to embed Haskell into Linda.

[edit] 1.1 Load a module

//Load a module from an array of bytes
Module loadModule(const char* Data, int Length);
//Load a module from a file
Module loadModuleFromFile(const char* FileName);

[edit] 1.2 Running Main

data Console = Console {
    stdout :: Char -> IO (),
    stderr :: Char -> IO (),
    stdin  :: IO Char
runMain :: Module -> Console -> IO ()
runMainThread :: Module -> Console -> IO () -> IO (IO ())
-- result is an action that when applied aborts the computation.
-- There is also an IO that is evaluated when the program terminates cleanly.

Apparently GtkHs does this, uses FunPtr, grep for "foreign .*wrapper" - see FfiCookbook