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This is the accomodation page for ZuriHac. Please refer to the main page for more information.

Please use this page to organize where you are going to stay. Don't forget to specify the room!

Names Staying At Further Information
Joachim Breitner, Martin Kiefel City Backpacker Looking for up to four people to share a room.
Benedikt Huber, David Markvica City Backpacker Room 201
Roman Cheplyaka City Backpacker Room 204
Florent Becker, Guillaume Hoffmann, Eric Kow, Reinier Lamers, Ganesh Sittampalam City Backpacker Room 403
Jasper Van der Jeugt City Backpacker Room 404
Lennart Kolmodin City Backpacker Room 404
Sergey Astanin City Backpacker
Marc A. Ziegert Youth Hostel
Tom Harper, Jim Whitehead City Backpacker
Oliver Mueller City Backpacker
Erik, Chris, Sjoerd, Sebas, Tom, Martijn City Backpacker Room 203
Sean, Atze, Jeroen City Backpacker