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The following people (who've indicated to be listed publicly) are already registered for the FP Afternoon / ZuriHac 2014.

To register please fill in this form and we will add you to this table.

Name Affiliation
Bas van Dijk Erudify
Julien Truffaut
Gerolf Seitz
Tom Ellis Purely Agile
Simon Hengel Wimdu GmbH
Ben Edwards Google
Johan Tibell Google
Gergely Risko Nilcons
Mihaly Barasz Nilcons
Steven Keuchel Universiteit Gent
Alex Sayers Erudify
Morten Olsen Lysgaard
Roel van Dijk Soft42
Tim Schwarte Soft42
Sjoerd Visscher Q42
Vincent Hanquez
Alfredo Di Napoli Iris Connect Ltd
Ian Ross
Alp Mestanogullari