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* Corentin Dupont
* Corentin Dupont
* Alfredo Di Napoli

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These are some of the projects that ZuriHac 2014 attendees will be working on:


1 aeson


  • Bas van Dijk. Faster JSON encoder.

2 scion / lambdachine

  • Thomas Schilling

3 hakyll


  • Jasper van der Jeugt

4 Haskell: the Gathering

Implementation of Magic: the Gathering in Haskell. We will work on the rules engine, card implementations (both in Haskell) and the web client (TypeScript/HTML). Help is welcome in all three areas.

  • Martijn van Steenbergen

5 t-digest

Persistent implementation of the T-Digest ( quantile estimation data structure, for use in ekg.

  • Johan Tibell

6 Nomyx

Nomyx is a game where you can change the rules while playing:

I'll work on new features and bugs: Help/advices are welcome :)

  • Corentin Dupont

7 snap


  • Alfredo Di Napoli