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Romanian Page: Rodin

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.The Rodin Language, a small implemented pseudocode for teachers , a C-style language,specially designed fot teachers and students from România, ideal for teaching algoritms.
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Last Version's Codename: Rodin ExperimentExp12 launched on 29'th of august 2009. Details on the Rodin/News page. Downloads from the Rodin/Download page.

Rodin can be used together with Total Edit! Download this recommanded IDE !. Or directly from here:

Please check the files with a reliable antivirus or with the best you can find. Never knows, especially from the moment when I had found a virus inside a Nero package! A packaged virus ! Brrr

Latest news - Tech. news

The statement called "citeste v[e];" used to read vectors IS implemented. Also the switch. Please made your own collection of programs but do not forget to note which version of the Rodin Language was used for program. To get an IDE please download Total Edit and try it. You have just to define one or two options in the tools menu. Don't forget to specify:The IDE will run Rodin.exe programfile.txt Extra documentation can be found in the .zip archive or on the Rodin/Download page.

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. Latest mounth news - teaching news

See here: Rodin/News. Last year's news can be found here: Rodin/News/2008.


Rodin/FAQ. Here you can find explanations concerning the Rodin Language itself and The Rodin Platform for Language Development.

. Download !

1. The Rodin Language: Rodin/Download. Various examples for lessons are available in the archives.

2. The IDE "Total Edit" from the Codertools website: Total Edit Download IDE !. Or directly from here:

3. An Install HowTo telling how can you make Rodin and Total edit to work together.

. Articles from scientific Journals

Can be find in the .zip archive, inside a directory called docs. Images and descriptions how to configure Rodin are included.An Windows / Wine installer can be found on this page: Rodin/Download. 50-60 examples of programs are available in the archive, suitable for small lessons.

. Other editors

1.You may also want to use The Ultra Edit.

Rodin together with an Ultra Edit (32 bits). The shareware license of the Ultra Edit tells you to use it for 45 days. This is not a Rodin limitation. Use Total edit instead of Ultra Edit.

2.Or you may want to try X-Emacs....



Haskell, one of the best production languages is studied by the students of our faculty. Come and join us !

The romanian version of the Rodin page: