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BayHac13 banner.png

San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley Haskell Hackathon

Come join a group of Haskell hackers to work on a wide variety of projects. All levels welcome.

Special thanks to Google for sponsoring BayHac '13, and providing lunch on Saturday!

When: Friday, May 17th – Sunday, May 19th, 2013
Where: Hacker Dojo - note the Dojo has moved
Cost: Free
News and Discussion: BayHac Google Group

Post-Event Survey: Please take this survey if you attended BayHac'13.


Hacker Dojo, 599 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View, CA (Google Map)


Anticipated, but subject to group whim and circumstance:

Friday, May 17th 3pm - 7pm Meet-n-Greet-n-Hack
Saturday, May 18th 10am ~ 7pm Hacking all day
1pm - 2pm Lunch, sponsored by Google
2pm - 5pm Code Kata (purely optional)
6pm - 7pm Lightning Talks
Sunday, May 19th 10am - 4pm Hacking
1pm - 2pm Lunch
2pm - 3pm Lightning Talks
3pm - 4pm Good-Byes, Clean up, Go get beer!

Code Kata

Code Katas are programming exercises with the aim of just practicing the skill of programming.

We'll have a Code Kata session at BayHac '13 on Saturday afternoon. There'll be a coding problem, and we'll break into groups or singles and tackle it in Haskell. The problem will expand as time progresses. After about two hours of coding, we'll re-group and do some quick reviews of the solutions people came up with and discuss the challenges and design trade-offs.

  1. Mark's repo

Lightning Talks

Saturday, 6pm
Steve Severance Exception Handling
Jonathan Fischoff BNFC Meta
Kyle Butt Art and Dan explained
Lev Walkin Explaining Charts to Blind
Evan Laforge Music Sequencer
Tikhon Jelvis GreenArray Synthesis -- slides
Stephen Balaban agda-mode
Eric Nedervold FP to OOP and back
Conal Elliott Denotative Programming -- notes
Sunday, 2pm
Paul Rubin Memoization benchmark
Gabriel Gonzalez Protein Search Engine
Luis Casillas Denotational OLAP
Steve Severance Accelerate
Tikhon Jelvis Algebras and Coalgebras -- slides
Jonathan Fischoff MTL
Russel O'Connor Prisms!
John Millikin re2 bindings


If you're attending, please use the sign-up form to help the organizers plan. Add your name here if you want to let others know you're coming.

  1. Mark Lentczner - organizer
  2. Johan Tibell - organizer
  3. David Banas - AMITool project lead
  4. Dan Burton - Just another Haskeller
  5. Conal Elliott
  6. Erik de Castro Lopo
  7. Gabriel Gonzalez
  8. Aaron Culich


If you plan working on a project at the Hackathon, you can put it up here so other interested hackers can see what projects are afoot. If you don't have a project, look here and find one!

  1. Plush - Mark L.
  2. AMITool - David Banas
  3. minxmod (a tiny concurrent modelchecker) - Eugene Kirpichov
  4. Reduceron - Tommy Thorn
  5. Compiling Haskell to circuits (netlists) via GHC Core. Or other means of getting familiar with the GHC API. - Conal
  6. Cross-platform, OpenGL- and GHCi-friendly GUIs & graphics. - Conal
  7. HsTools - continuous compilation with vim integration (and more to come?) - Karl Voelker

IRC channel

We'll be hanging out on #bayhac on FreeNode.