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Here's how Haskellers responded to the following question in the Call for Participation survey.

"What do you hope BayHac 2017 will be like?"

  • Awesome.
  • Low-key, with plenty of time and space for ad hoc collaborations. Presentations to small audiences. More hackathon than conference.
  • I will be happy any way it turns out but I would prefer pizza and swag.
  • No idea! I've never been to a Haskell conference before. I prefer conferences (with organized talks) to hackathons, so maybe BayHac isn't for me.
  • I'd like to sit with other Haskell/Emacs users and learn there programming environment. I like to sit with proficient Haskellers and walk through their code and my code. I hope it will be friendly and inviting.
  • Great talks mixed with hacking on cool stuff. Hoping the hacking bit will be more organized than last time.
  • Friendly for a beginner. I want to learn Haskell badly and use it in prod at my firm for web dev yet seem to get left behind after being taught the basics. I hope BayHac and the Haskell community more broadly would help me take my Haskell to the next level.
  • I'd like opportunities to talk to other Haskellers about Haskell programming in general.
  • A place to code with fellow haskellers, improve the community/projects and learn new stuff.
  • Mind expanding
  • A learning experience
  • Not ten talks about FRP
  • Tooling. Haskell in production.
  • Hacking on Haskell together!
  • Awesome lectures and awesome projects, with new and interesting people.
  • productive
  • I don't know, this would be my first time
  • "Suggestion: evening "Poster Sessions" where people can meet and greet and look at cool things people are doing. Would require a bunch of lightweight easels for display (better than walls because it keeps people on one poster and does not interrupt flow). Refreshments if budget allows.
  • Past attempts at lectures on Category Theory and other "abstract concepts" have not struck me as successful - too little time, too much learning required. More hands-on, tooling, and experiential stuff has been great. Example: I and others greatly enjoyed the "Code Kata" session that Mark Lentczner ran back in BayHac '13.
  • It would be great if some kind of event or track could push the diversity past the <5% level... maybe canvas for ideas? Would also be interested in the experience of educators, at the grade school and high school levels.
  • I hope it will be a place for me to meet more Haskell developers, learn new things, and get to work on at least one cool project.
  • Learn how other people work, learn how to solve performance problems, help others with the same things.
  • A chance to socialize with functional programmers and see what companies are using or are interested in using Haskell.
  • Friendly, projects-oriented, with some talks
  • I hope to get a sense for what the community finds to be interesting / important these days.
  • A way to network with Haskell users
  • Bayhac 2014 was the best one. Good diverse food. Well organized speaking tracks. Plenty of space for just hacking.
  • Fun, relaxed mini-conference
  • Place to learn and practice Haskell
  • Something to get more people interested in Haskell
  • Welcoming to beginners, chance to write code, examples of real world usage. Discussions and examples of testing!
  • More presentations about workflows for Haskell in production - tooling during development, deploy processes / tooling, backend / frontend interaction.
  • A hackathon style event with a few workshops/talks
  • Meeting of hacker programmers.
  • Good place to meet others who enjoy Haskell.
  • Lots of hacking, examples of successful haskell use in industry
  • fun
  • lots of opportunity for mentoring (giving and receiving) and exploration