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All repositories in the diagrams organization on github use the lovely Travis CI continuous integration service to do test builds on every commit. Below is listed the current build status of each package. (Note that when a pull request that does not compile is submitted, the build status may show as "failing" even though the master branch is in fact passing.)

active active.png
diagrams diagrams.png
diagrams-backend-tests diagrams-backend-tests.png
diagrams-builder diagrams-builder.png
diagrams-cairo diagrams-cairo.png
diagrams-contrib diagrams-contrib.png
diagrams-core diagrams-core.png
diagrams-doc diagrams-doc.png
diagrams-gtk diagrams-gtk.png
diagrams-haddock diagrams-haddock.png
diagrams-lib diagrams-lib.png
diagrams-postscript diagrams-postscript.png
diagrams-povray diagrams-povray.png
diagrams-svg diagrams-svg.png
diagrams-test diagrams-test.png
docutils docutils.png
dual-tree dual-tree.png
monoid-extras monoid-extras.png
statestack statestack.png
SVGFonts SVGFonts.png
vector-space-points vector-space-points.png