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Call for Praatjes: Dutch HUG Day

To celebrate our first anniversary, the Dutch Haskell Users Group (HUG) invites Haskell and functional programming enthusiasts in the Netherlands and surrounding area to a short symposium. The Dutch HUG is an informal group with monthly meetings including talks on novel applications of Haskell and socializing in the neighborhood pub. The group was founded on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at the Haskell Hackathon hosted in Utrecht. After a successful year, we will continue the trend with the Dutch HUG Day.

The Dutch HUG Day will be held in Utrecht on the afternoon of Saturday, April 24, 2010. The actual location is not confirmed; however, we will send out a notice as soon as it is confirmed.


We seek people to give talks (or to use the Dutch word, "praatjes"). The topic can cover anything in the functional programming or, more specifically, Haskell world. It may be your latest pet project, current research, or simply a demonstration of something cool that you found. The audience will be coming with a broad range of backgrounds, so praatjes should be oriented towards people having a general knowledge of Haskell programming. You can choose from one of the formats and topics below, or feel free to suggest something different.

If you are interested in presenting, please send your proposal to Sean Leather by Saturday, April 3. More details are below.


  • Talks (20 min)
  • Tutorials (25 min)
  • Lightning talks (5 min)
  • Demos (5 min)


  • Development or design of a library or application
  • Comparison of libraries, applications, or languages
  • Lead a focused discussion (e.g. web programming options in Haskell)
  • Functional pearl (a "fun" talk)
  • Current research topic
  • Functional programming in industry
  • Experience report
  • Your favorite piece of software (and why)
  • Anything else (related to Haskell or functional programming) that you find interesting


Praatje Proposal Deadline: Saturday, April 3
Dutch HUG Day: Saturday, April 24


Send your proposal to Sean Leather: leather@cs.uu.nl

Dutch HUG
Dutch HUG Day