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GeBoP, the General Boardgames Player, offers a set of board games: Ataxx, Bamp, Halma, Hez, Kram, Nim, Reversi, TicTacToe, and Zenix. The application features a brain viewer which enables you to explore the computer's internal game tree.



To run the game, you will need wxHaskell

If wxHaskell is installed, and you have cabal-install on your system, give the folllowing command to install GeBoP:

 cabal install GeBoP 

Another option is, to download the GeBoP tarball from Hackage and unpack it; go to the directory with the game code and enter the commands:

 runhaskell Setup configure
 runhaskell Setup build
 runhaskell Setup install

You will get a message about the directory in which the executable is installed; this directory must be in the search path.


Give the following command to start the game:


Select Game -> New Game, select a game and press Play. Help is available in the Help menu.

To see the game tree, select Brain -> Open.