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(29)-30 August 2009

Edinburgh, UK


The Haskell Hackathon is an international, grassroots collaborative coding festival with a simple focus: build and improve Haskell libraries, tools, and infrastructure.

Hac 7 will be held on 30 August



If you will be attending, please register. If you like, you can also list yourself as an attendee. Then check out the projects page.


  • Meetup - Saturday 29 August
 * 09:30 at RCPE.
 * 10:00 - Henderson's Hanover Street
 * 19:00 - Corner of Hanover St and George closest to Henderson's
  • Hack Day 09:30 on Sunday 30 August 2009.



The RCPE - Rooms 4 and 5. See RCPE layout for details.

See ICFP_2009_Local_Arrangements


Note that there may be some interest for renting a flat to share, especially for those who may be attending the ICFP. Let us know if you're interested!


What to bring

  • A laptop
  • Wireless card if necessary. There will be wireless network access. Ethernet access will probably not be available. If you really need ethernet access, please contact the organizers.
  • Mobile phone

Before you arrive

  • Pick out a couple of projects to work on and familiarise yourself with them, or bring your own project(s) to work on. See the projects page for a list of projects people plan to work on. If you plan to work on your own project, be sure to list it on the projects page and set up a public repository if you don't already have one, so that other people can help hack on your project.
  • Install an up to date Haskell toolchain: at least ghc (preferably 6.10.*) and cabal-install. If you don't already have these installed (or need to install from scratch on the laptop you're bringing), the easiest way is probably to install the Haskell Platform.


Eric Kow or Dougal Stanton

Possible Attendees

Note: this section was just to gauge the level of interest in having a hackathon. To actually register, please visit the registration page.


  • Eric Kow (kowey)
  • Dougal Stanton