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Haskell.org is a resource for the entire Haskell community. If you would like to use haskell.org to host your project or contribute to the Haskell community in some way, please contact us and let us know what you need.

See haskell.org domain for other *.haskell.org machines.

Contacts at Haskell.org

This machine lives at Yale University and maintained by Yale's Workstation Support people. They provide OS patches, backups, and Internet connectivity. Paul Hudak generously provides the funding that keeps this machine going.

Here are the people that you should contact if you need something on haskell.org:

  • John Peterson handles most of the requests for haskell.org services. He can usually answer any questions you have. Email him if you would like an account.
  • Mark Wogahn works for workstation support at Yale. If you have questions about how the machine is administered you can ask him. If you need something done differently, go through John.

Services on haskell.org

This machine is used mainly for the wiki and to host projects - anyone is welcome to create a home page for their project here. You can also install services here as long as they don't overwhelm haskell.org and are of interest to the Haskell community. If you need a repository, that is usually done at darcs.haskell.org (or cvs.haskell.org).

Accounts on haskell.org

Please add yourself to this list if you have an account at haskell.org. Everyone with an account here should also have a wiki account with a home page that provides basic contact information.

Account Owner Purpose
andres Andres Loeh Haskell on Gentoo, Haskell Workshop
andy Andy Gill Haskell Workshop
antony Antony Courtney Yampa
araujo Luis Araujo Himerge, Hashell
ashley Ashley Yakeley HaskellWiki
bringert Bjorn Bringert HTTP and HaXR websites
bz Bulat Ziganshin Hosting my Haskell libraries (see haskell.org/library dir)
dekudekuplex Benjamin L. Russell HaskellWiki: Contributing to Common Misunderstandings, Things to avoid, WxHaskell/Install, Mailing lists, etc.
duncan Duncan Coutts Gtk2Hs website
gour Gour Gtk2Hs website
gwright Gregory Wright Haskell on OS X through MacPorts
igloo Ian Lynagh Mailinglist despam config, Hosting GHC, Happy, Haddock, Alex, Visual Haskell
jcp John Peterson Administration of haskell.org
jgbailey Justin Bailey Maintain robots.txt
jnewbern Jeff Newbern "All About Monads" tutorial
liwen Liwen Huang Dance and HPorter
malcolm Malcolm Wallace Hosting nhc98, hat, cpphs, HaXml, etc.
monnier Stefan Monnier Haskell-mode
ndm/neil Neil Mitchell Hoogle and WinHugs
nr Norman Ramsey occasional GHC hacking
obraun Oliver Braun Haskell on FreeBSD
panne Sven Panne Hacking on GHC, Hugs, Alex, Haddock, Happy. Hosting OpenGL/GLUT/OpenAL/ALUT packages.
PaulJohnson Paul Johnson Writing occasional helpful stuff and sample code
simona Axel Simon Gtk2Hs website
simonmar Simon Marlow Hosting GHC, Happy, Haddock, Alex, Visual Haskell
kr.angelov Krasimir Angelov Hacking on Visual Haskell, Cabal, Haddock
waern David Waern Haddock website