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Draft papers

These are unofficial links to DRAFT papers available on the authors' websites. These are NOT the final versions that will appear in the proceedings.

Safe Haskell
David Terei, Simon Marlow, Simon Peyton Jones, and David Mazières

xmonad in Coq: Programming a window manager in a proof assistant — Experience Report
Wouter Swierstra

Vectorisation Avoidance
Gabriele Keller, Manuel Chakravarty, Ben Lippmeier, Roman Leshchinskiy, and Simon Peyton Jones

Everybody Needs a Syntax Extension Sometimes
Sebastian Erdweg, Felix Rieger, Tillmann Rendel, and Klaus Ostermann

Introducing the HERMIT Equational Reasoning Framework
Andrew Farmer, Andy Gill, Ed Komp, and Neil Sculthorpe

Guiding Parallel Array Fusion with Indexed Types
Ben Lippmeier, Manuel Chakravarty, Gabriele Keller, and Simon Peyton Jones

Shrinking and Showing Functions — Functional Pearl
Koen Claessen

Checking Type Class Laws
Johan Jeuring, Patrik Jansson, and Cláudio Amaral

Feat: Functional Enumeration of Algebraic Types
Jonas Duregård, Patrik Jansson, and Meng Wang

Monoids: Theme and Variations — Functional Pearl
Brent Yorgey

Template Your Boilerplate: Using Template Haskell for Efficient Generic Programming
Michael D. Adams and Thomas M. DuBuisson

Dependently typed programming with singletons
Richard A. Eisenberg and Stephanie Weirich

Wormholes: Introducing effects to FRP
Daniel Winograd-Cort and Paul Hudak

Surveyor: A DSEL for Representing and Analyzing Strongly Typed Surveys
Wyatt Allen and Martin Erwig