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FAQ for the Haskell Platform Projects

Is the platform portable to Windows?
Yes. Being able to work on windows is a hurdle for inclusion.
What does the platform depend on?
GHC and the core libraries.
What is in the first release?
The first release will be just extralibs, taken from GHC, with additional tools required to boostrap cabal-install.
Who decides what is in, and what is out?
There will be a formal process for library and tool inclusion or exclusion, based on quanititative metrics for quality and comprehensiveness of the code. Proposals for additions to the platform will have to satisfy these constraints. Inclusion is not a personal decision by the core team, who act only as infrastructure coders.
Will the Haskell platform provide a glue layer for API standardisation?
Unlike the OCaml Batteries proposal, there will be no new glue layer to combine libraries, instead, we rely on the large base library to provide the standard interface types. Addition to the platform is a social process. This social process acts as a checkpoint that ensures base library conformance for candidate libraries seeking admittance. If a candidate library reinvents, for example, a time format, or an exception handling mechanism, the platform process enforces standardisation on the candidate's base API before admission completes.