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The current cabal package release is located here on Hackage

Project Description

This project was supposed to be a reasonably faithful reproduction (although incomplete) of the original Atari classic 'Asteroids' written in Haskell and Yampa that took me around a month to complete.


Haskelloids menu
A screenshot of the Haskelloids menu
Haskelloids gameplay
A screenshot of Haskelloids gameplay

To Do

This is a short list of the features that are missing that I, the author, wanted to include, but never got round to.

Bug fixes

  • Replace HGL as the graphics library, it causes too many problems
  • Missing "click to play again" or similar text after final score


  • Improved GUI and overall presentation
  • Bonus lives
  • Score multipliers
  • The two UFO NPCs
  • Hyperspace jumps
  • Uncrackable high score table >:D
  • Add original sound effects

Blue sky features

  • Artificial Intelligence opponents/co-op

The future

I am leaving this project for now to focus on other things. Although still supported, there won't be a major new revision for a little while until I return to add the improvements suggested.


Maybe you could contribute by implementing some of the features proposed, cleaning up the current code, or even just by commenting on the talk page with suggestions.