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Himerge Tutorial


This tutorial is aimed to be a little guide for the use of Himerge, a graphic frontend for Portage package management system used in Gentoo Linux. Himerge have been programed by Luis Francisco Araujo having in mind at the newbie gentoo users, with less experience with emerge utilization, offering them an atractive, clean and simple graphic interface.




Himerge-queue.png queue Adds a package with all its dependencies at the queue
Himerge-revdep.png revdep Calculate the installed packages that depends on the selected package and add it to the queue
Himerge-add.png add Adds selected package to the queue only the selected package without its dependencies.
Himerge-remove.png remove Remove a package from the queue.
Himerge-clear.png clear Clear the queue
Himerge-world.png world Search all upgradeable packages and ad it to the queue.
Himerge-neworld.png neworld Same thing that "world" but add also the packages that have changed its USE flags since its installation.
Himerge-sync.png sync Update our portage tree or overlay with latest available tree on the mirrors.
Himerge-emerge.png emerge Install all the packages listed in the queue.
Himerge-unmerge.png unmerge Uninstall all the packages listed in the queue.
Himerge-binary.png binary Install all the packages listed in the queue and generate its binaries.
Himerge-usepkg.png usepkg Install all the packages listed in the queue using binaries if available.
Himerge-fetch.png fetch Just download the source code of the packages listed in the queue.
Himerge-system.png system Review all the upgradeable packages of the base system and add it to the queue.