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Himerge Instalation HOW TO

With this tutorial you will learn how to install the latest Himerge version using Portage.

Normally two Himerge versions will be available in the Portage Tree,one of this in Stable tree and the second in the Tesing tree, that will generally be the latest ebuild launched, having the latest stabilized changes.

Actually the latest Himerge version in Portage is 0.17 in ~arch tree.

Tuning Portage for Himerge:

Himerge requires the installation of some packages that are still in the Testing tree, i.e. the haskell Compiler (GHC / Glasgow Haskell Compiler), that needs to be in its 6.8 version, and also other libraries and programs.

Then we need to add in the file /etc/portage/package.keywords the names of the required packages and the tree that we will use. We can do it using aur favorite text editor and typing o pasting the fllowing lines into the file:

app-portage/eix ~arch

app-portage/himerge ~arch

dev-haskell/cabal ~arch

dev-haskell/filepath ~arch

dev-haskell/gtk2hs ~arch

dev-haskell/mtl ~arch

dev-haskell/parallel ~arch

dev-haskell/regex-base ~arch

dev-haskell/regex-compat ~arch

dev-haskell/regex-posix ~arch

Where arch is your system architecture.

Installing the packages:

First that anything is very important to have our Portege Tree updated, if you have not synced yur local tree with the Gentoo one. The you have to run the following command:

emerge --sync

If it fail to sync, you will have to use the following one:


If have previously installed GHC or any of the Haskell libraries, Portage will require you to update to Testing this packages.

Next step is to update aour packages with the new options.

emerge -avuDN world

Last step is to emerge Himerge

emerge -av himerge

And Now?

Himerge must be called from console as root user typing himerge and pressing Enter.

We invite you to read a basic tutorial for Himerge utilization in http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Himerge/En

If you have any problem following this how to, or detects malfunctioning of the program, we invite you to help us reporting a new bug at http://bugs.gentoo.org or contacting its developer in araujo_at_gentoo_dot_org.