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Hoogle does log every query that is made, but specifically does not log anything that ties any query to you - no IP address, no cookie, no user agent. I will never reveal any queries with personal information in. Many features in Hoogle (suggestion mode, searching for keywords) were added directly from looking at past queries, and seeing which ones didn't give the user what they wanted.

However, there have been quite a few humerous Hoogle queries, here is a selection:

  • "simon peyton Jones", followed by the query "simon peyton Jones genius"
  • "porn", 33 queries as of August 2006
  • "google", 397 queries as of August 2006
  • "potatoe", it's spelt potato for reference
  • "is Alaska in danger"
  • "1950-1990+britain+fashion+children"
  • "juegos(thailand princess)"