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08:24, 4 November 2010Therminal.png (file)(thumbnail)76 KBJasper Van der Jeugt (Therminal, location of BelHac, the 12th Haskell Hackathon.)1
08:51, 12 October 2010Incubaid.png (file)(thumbnail)2 KBJasper Van der Jeugt (Slightly larger version)2
08:09, 11 September 2010OReilly.png (file)(thumbnail)5 KBJasper Van der Jeugt (Logo of O'Reilly, uploaded since they are sponsoring our Hackathon.)1
20:00, 6 September 2010Well-typed.png (file)(thumbnail)8 KBJasper Van der Jeugt (Logo of Well-Typed, the Haskell consultants)1