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On the irc channel, vixey asked for names she can give to a "list or string .. kind of like sequence thing". Soon, we started to collect lots of words meaning a string or ordered collection or anything even remotely like that.

Here are the results. Feel free to add new ones or remove ones that really seem wrong.

alley argument arm array avenue bale bar beam belt blob bone branch cable chain
column conglomeration connection consecution cord course crural curve dash
deque dequeue direction doodle draft draw drawing drive fiber fibre file flight
flow hair hawser helix hose jet journey knot lane lead leg line linearization
list marshaling order ordering path plait program progression queue rail rank
ray reasoning recipe relation ribbon ride road roll rope route row run scribble
script sequence serialization series shoot snake squiggle stalk stick strand
streak street string strip stroke succession tail tangle tape text thought
thread tour track trail trip trunk tube vector vein vine walk warp wave way
weft well wire worm yarn zipper

This is 113 words so far.