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Visual Haskell (Visual Studio integration) inactive for long time

This article talks about how Visual Haskell is this awesomely complete IDE; whereas, now in 2012, the link doesn't work and some searching around the web indicates that it is not working for the current or even the previous Visual Studio version, maybe wasn't even completed. I was not able to find a project page. Does anybody know more? If no response in the next 7 days I'm just going to replace the paragraph with "There's currently no integration with Visual Studio" --Tobster 17:58, 25 August 2012 (UTC)


The Haskell mode for Sublime is amazing. It can do everything EclipseFP can -- i.e. it runs a build system through cabal configure, and cabal build. You can also run the application, and interact with it -- run tests!! Also the editing features in Sublime are pretty good too. It will match symbols across files (which EclipseFP cannot do). It uses ghc-mod, hsdevtools, cabal-dev, and other tools, and its use of Cabal puts it ahead of the emacs mode for haskell!

That said, EclipseFP is pretty nice too. Both of these should be promoted.

Visual Haskell and Leksah should be demoted.


Should texts in Vim section migrated to Vim page? Wizzup (talk) 12:55, 2 August 2017 (UTC)

Yes! Is anyone against that? jheidbrink 12 March 2019